“Caring for the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of all people.“
Living Water Care Center strives to care for people regardless of their ethnic background, social position or current spiritual condition and is a multi-service ministry helping individuals and families during times of crises.
  Realizing that a necessary element of restoring self-esteem to people is to be able to meet their physical necessities prior to approaching them to fulfill their spiritual needs, Immanuel Baptist Church has brought to fruition this vision. People are given a new sense of personal dignity, an individual sense of worth that is full of faith, as well as hope in a healthier tomorrow.
  Thus, the care center is committed to living the Gospel through health care among the underprivileged. The care center’s clients are typically the working poor and immigrants, who feel safe coming to the nonthreatening environment of a faith-based organization. It is frequently the “safe haven” for anxious individuals who feel protected by seeking assistance from a “sanctuary-like” neighborhood care center.
   Since opening its doors on June 1, 2002 an average of 16 persons a week have been served. Immanuel Baptist Church has benefited in profound and lasting ways by changed perceptions, stereotypes of the poor and a Christian’s responsibility for them, are some of the greatest achievements for such a ministry.
  Ministering to individual needs has unified the church fellowship and has significantly strengthened their witness for Christ throughout the county, in bridging the world of the haves and the have-nots. Hearts are opening through gained understanding. People are blessed then God is glorified.